Avacade Supports Standing Teak Investments

Avacade Supports Standing Teak Investments

Avacade sports a wide range of alternative investment options. Besides offering Melina and sapling teak, the firm allows its investors to place their money in standing teak. Like the other options, standing teak is Self Invested Personal Pension compliant. People looking to secure a short to medium term investment will want to look into this opportunity. Standing teak provides a rare chance to invest in a mature tree and attain an exceptional return. Sapling teak is a great investment for […]

Avacade Explains Melina Investment Options

Avacade Explains Melina Investment Options

Avacade is a company that allows individuals to invest in their future,but make no mistake about it: This is truly an investment company like no other. While some investors may focus on stocks, bonds, or other traditional assets, this is a company that allows for green investment opportunities. That is to say, you can invest in saplings that will one day grow into in-demand hardwood trees—an investment that is almost sure to appreciate, while also emphasizing social responsibility and environmental […]

Why Invest in Teak?

Why Invest in Teak?

Statistics have shown that the value of Teak wood has increased by about 15 percent every year since 1970. The implication of this is obvious: Teak is a highly valuable and sought-after wood, and one that investors would do well to consider! Indeed, with a 15 percent annual appreciation, a Teak sapling is a great—and green—way to line a portfolio. What is Teak Before investing in Teak, however, you will want to know something about it. Teak is one of […]


Avacade Offer Ethical Green Investments


According to Avacade, there are some investors who are simply interested in building wealth—and rightly so. For others, though, there is also the desire to do something environmentally conscientious and socially responsible. This is known as ethical, green investing.Opportunities for making such investments are somewhat difficult to come by, but Avacadeoffer investors plenty of options,including investment products that are socially aware, earth-friendly, and financially prudent.

What does it look like to make an ethical, green investment? In the case of this company’s investment products, it means purchasing trees, either standing or saplings. These trees represent sought-after and highly valuable sources of hardwood. As the trees grow and mature, their value increases, and in addition they provide greenery to their nations of origin – a winning scenario What Avacade offer is the chance to buy trees that appreciate in value year after year—trees that experience rising sometimes evensurging demand. At the same time, the company offers investors the chance to do something good for the planet, and for local economies across the country.

Passionate About Alternative Investments

Avacade is passionate about providing investors with options like these, precisely because the world of traditional investments has long proven overly complicated and opaque. This company was founded on a different set of values—the values of sustainability and transparency, as well as asset-based investment. The company welcomes investors who share these passions, and who desire to do something economical and environmentally-friendly.

The Avacade Portfolio

Something else to note about this company: It is serious about green investments and remaining ethical, but is also dedicated to helping its investors succeed. As such, not just any investment opportunity makes it into Avacade’s portfolio. It does its due diligence, carefully screening every investment and picking ones that offer a secure legal title, a clear exit strategy, and SIPP approval. The company ventures to plantations across the world and meets with key stakeholders before investing in the saplings or standing plants on offer.

To look a bit closer at the company’s portfolio, we might make note of three specific investment opportunities

  • Melina
  •  Sapling Teak
  •  Standing Teak

We will say a bit more about each of these Avacade investment opportunities in the paragraphs that follow.

Investing in Melina

We will start with a few words about Melina, which remains little-known among many investors. This tree is more officially known as Gmelinaaborea, and is one of the world’s most sought-after and fast-growing woods. It’s found all over Central America, but when you invest with Avacade, you’re investing in a plantation found in Costa Rica, in particular.

So why invest in Melina? This wood has a very high density, even more so than something like oak, which means it is ideal for use in building materials and furniture. It also has a creamy color which makes it an enticing choice for food packaging. All told, the uses for Melina are many, and the demand for it is high.

Costa Rica itself is a nation well worth investing in. It aims to become the first carbon-free economy on the planet by 2021—a goal that is entirely deserving of our support. Costa Rica is also one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

For those who need further convincing, just consider these words of testimonial, submitted by an Avacadeclient. The company “completed a free pension report for me,” she says. “After reviewing this I decided to transfer my pension and invest into the Melina investment. Any query I had was dealt with efficiently and professionally by a friendly member of the team.”

Investing in Teak Saplings

Another option is to invest in Teak saplings. You may know something about teakwood already. Here again, it is one of the most valuable and sought-after hardwoods in the world. Demand for it has skyrocketed in recent decades, even as international supply continues to decline—a great scenario for teakwood investors.

Once again, the demand stems from the myriad uses that this hardwood has. Teak is used to make furniture and to construct yachts. It is also commonly used to build houses. It is little wonder that the value of teakwood has appreciated by 15 percent annually, since 1970!

By investing in a Teak sapling through this company, you’re investing in Sri Lanka. There are several reasons to do so. Sri Lanka is ideal,in its climate as well as its soil,for growing healthy Teak saplings. The nation is also a member of MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency), an international organization that safeguards investors against certain risks.

Avacade: Further Green Investments

There is one more investment opportunity that the company offers, and that’s the chance to invest in Standing Teak. By investing in Teak that is already established, you enjoy many of the same benefits mentioned above. The only difference is that you shave a solid 15 years off the span of the investment, simply because your tree is already so close to maturity.

These trees come from a plantation in Malaysia. This plantation is known as one of the nation’s best and most experienced. In fact, it’s existed since 1979, and represents one of the only places where investors can buy 15 year-old Teak trees.

As you might imagine, this is an opportunity that many investors have flocked to—including one client who offers these words of endorsement: “Avacade is first class for service, administration, and easy to talk to.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are not many investment companies like this one—not many that allow investors to fulfill their desires of doing something socially responsible and green, while also looking out for their own futures. And indeed, this last point is impossible to overstate. For those who have self-directed pension plans and are looking for promising, alternative investment options, these green investments are highly worthy of consideration.

That’s one of the many things that setsAvacade apart. This is a company that cares about sustainability, social responsibility, and keeping its clients happy. It is a company that knows what it is to go green, and also a company that knows how to generate wealth. All of these things make Avacade a company that investors should take seriously., injected humour, or non-characteristic words etc.

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